6 Misconceptions About Canada That Make It An Underrated Vacation Destination For Tourists


There are so many dreamy vacation destinations around the world, and Canada is definitely one of them.

From snow-kissed mountain vistas and life-affirming natural wonders to golden beaches and inviting turquoise waters, Canada boasts countless breathtaking scenes, unique wildlife and a whole host of idyllic vacation destinations.

So, why isn’t it a popular vacation spot for European tourists?

Despite its allure, Canada often finds itself overshadowed when it comes to European tourists’ vacation plans. I’m from the U.K., and in my experience, Canada rarely takes center stage in conversations about vacations or travel. Of course, it’s on many travellers’ bucket lists, but it’s not particularly common to come across Brits who have vacationed in the Great White North.

In fact, when my partner and I moved to Canada in 2019, we didn’t know anybody who’d visited Canada. And many of our friends and family were curious about our decision to move here.

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Interestingly though, it is pretty common to find British people who’ve visited countries like the United States, Australia and Mexico, for example, so it’s likely not the distance putting people off.

Recent data from companies like Statista and Finder.com suggest countries like Spain, France, Greece and Italy consistently rank among the most popular destinations for British holidaymakers, which is expected given their relative distance and the availability of cheap flights. However, the United States is also listed regularly within the top 20, while Canada barely gets a look in.

In fact, according to Finder.com’s research, Canada doesn’t even make the cut among the U.K.’s top five non-European countries to visit. British tourists seem to favour destinations like the United States, India, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and Pakistan over Canada.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Canada rarely has visitors. The country comes 19th in a recent ranking of the world’s most popular vacation destinations and hosts millions of holidaymakers every year. But what is stopping Brits and other European travellers from prioritizing it?

After living in Canada for several years, it’s become increasingly hard for me to imagine why this impressive country wouldn’t be top of the list for anybody planning a dream vacation abroad.

But, after discussing it with well-travelled friends, here’s why I think so many Europeans (and specifically British people) might not consider Canada when planning their holidays— and why they absolutely should!

Source : Narcity