All Four Members of Blackpink Have Now Charted Solo on the Canadian Hot 100


The Canadian Hot 100 welcomes a new solo K-pop star to its rankings this week, as Jisoo’s solo single “Flower” makes an impressive debut at No. 30. This marks the first time the Blackpink member has charted solo, and also makes her the last of the four singers in the group to do so. The achievement comes five years after the quartet started sharing music on their own in addition to together, and it’s a major win for Jisoo.

Jennie was the first member of Blackpink to make the Canadian Hot 100 on her own, which she did back in 2018 with her hit single “Solo.” At the time, the trend of K-pop soloists charting individually was not as common as it is today. Jennie’s single peaked at No. 67, making her just the third solo South Korean artist to reach the tally, and the second female soloist from the country to do so.

It took three more years before another member of Blackpink joined the Canadian Hot 100 as a solo artist. In early 2021, Rosé earned a rare top 40 win for a K-pop soloist with her single “On the Ground,” which peaked at No. 35. She followed up with “Gone,” which charted at No. 77.

Later that same year, Lisa also made her solo debut on the Canadian Hot 100 with her semi-self-titled single “Lalisa.” The song peaked at No. 42, and she also had another win on the tally shortly thereafter with “Money,” which climbed even higher to reach No. 37.

Throughout the years, Blackpink has claimed quite a few hits on the Canadian Hot 100. The group has landed eight placements on the tally so far, including two top 10 smashes with “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down,” which reached Nos. 4 and 7, respectively. With each member of the group now having achieved solo success on the chart, it’s clear that Blackpink’s popularity in Canada is stronger than ever.

Source: Forbes