“Costa Rica is the most modern and prosperous nation in North America”: Diario AS


QCOSTARICA – Diario AS, Spain’s daily sports newspaper and one of the most important in that country, published an article in which it asserts that Luis Enrique infuriated Costa Rica by pointing to our country as a South American country.

However, the same media indicated that: “Costa Rica is the most modernized and prosperous nation in North America. Located between Nicaragua (North) and Panama (South)*, it is a country with a long-standing democracy and a per capita income of almost 25,000 euros. Its soccer team, which made history in Brazil in 2014, by qualifying for the quarterfinals, is playing in Qatar for the third consecutive World Cup.”

The Asturian coach had started a live show to be in touch with the public and the followers of ‘La Roja’ and also to ease the atmosphere before the World Cup debut against Costa Rica on November 23, in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

This was what the coach said about Costa Rica’s national team, La Sele.

“Costa Rica is a very complete team. We know Navas and Campbell. A South American team that knows how to play, with an experienced coach and will be difficult. There are no easy games in a World Cup,” he said.

Luis Enrique showed that he knew the Costa Rican team perfectly, but then he made the mistake in the geographical matter: “It is a team that qualified in ‘repechaje’, what they call the playoff (…)”.

*Apparently, neither the media nor the coach of the Spanish National Team knows the term ‘Central America”.

Source : QCostarica

Source QCostarica