Czech Republic to Send Military Police to Ukraine


The Czech Republic will send 15 military police officers to Ukraine to “assist in investigating war crimes.” This was announced by the Minister of Transport of the Republic Martin Kupka.

According to him, the mandate, based on an agreement between the Czech Republic and the Netherlands to join the investigation team of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, has been approved by the government. At the same time, both houses of parliament still have to approve their sending.

It is noted that the Czechs will have to be deployed primarily on the territory of Ukraine, but they can also perform tasks in the Netherlands, where the International Criminal Court is based. The group will be deployed several times a year for a period of four to six weeks, in accordance with the capabilities of the Czech Ministry of Defense.

Recall that the Czech Republic condemns the actions of Russia in Ukraine and provides all kinds of assistance to the Kyiv regime. In February, the republic’s defense minister, Yana Chernokhova , said that the tasks of military police officers would be similar to those deployed in the former Yugoslavia.

Source Ea Daily