European Parliament Sending Observer Mission to Monitor Serbian Elections


The European Parliament will send a six-member mission to Serbia, which will observe the electoral process during the election week, N1 reported. The mission will be in Serbia from 16 to 19 December.

The delegation will consist of members of the European Parliament: Vladimir Bilčik, Viola von Cramon Taubadel, Klemen Grošelj, Andreas Schieder, Javier Nart, and Malin Björk.

According to a draft agenda, the observer mission of the European Parliament plans to meet with key actors in the Serbian political scene. Meetings are planned with the EU Ambassador to Serbia, representatives of OSCE and Council of Europe missions, as well as domestic civil society organizations (CeSID, CRTA, BIRN, Transparency Serbia, and others).

The six members of the European Parliament will also meet with all leaders of electoral lists in Serbia, including the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić. They will also visit polling stations on election day and verify the voting process.

Source : European Western Balkans