Korean Survey Reveals Top 5 Artists Of Europe, North & South America: BTS At No. 1 In Italy, Spain And The UK


A recent government survey conducted in Europe, North and South America has revealed the Top-5 favourite artists of various countries. BTS, unsurprisingly has led the list in all the countries covered. Girl group BLACKPINK has ranked second in the aforementioned countries. The KOFICE or Korean Foundation For International Cultural Exchange is known for conducting an yearly Hallyu trends survey every year. This year’s survey has revealed BTS to be the first among top-5 South Korean artists in France, Italy, the UK, Germany, Spain and Russia. In North and South America BTS leads the list at no. 1 in Mexico, Canada, the USA, Brazil and Argentina.

BTS’ popularity has seen a spectacular rise in the last couple of years. From debuting under an almost obscure label to becoming the biggest boy band in the world, BTS has come a long way. Making it to the top is doable and might happen to anyone but staying on top is nothing short of a demanding task. BTS however has managed to accomplish the latter brilliantly. Their constant strive for newness and innovation helps them stay on top. 

Europe’s top-5 artists

BTS is the most popular K-pop group in Europe. It ranks at top in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia and Turkey. They are followed by BLACKPINK in all the aforementioned regions. Following BTS and BLACKPINK, EXO, Mamamoo, Stray Kids and other K-pop groups have been ranked as the top-5 popular artists in various parts of Europe. BTS members V, Jin and BLACKPINK’s Lisa have separately made it to the list as individual artists too. 

North and South America’s top-5 artists

BTS has effortlessly sweeped the first position in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the US among other American nations. While BLACKPINK has ranked second in these countries, PSY, IU, EXO and TWICE have made it to the top-5 in different regions. 

The Hallyu trends survey by KOFICE was conducted on a large scale where 25,000 men and women from 26 different regions were the target group of the survey. The surveyed group had a wide age range that started from 15 and went up to 59. 

Source : Pinkvilla