Lethbridge Makes List of Most Affordable Cities in Canada


Lethbridge and Medicine Hat are among the 20 most affordable cities to live in Canada, according to an online publication that focuses on immigration news.

The communities are among three Alberta cities that made the list, the other being Red Deer.

“With living becoming unaffordable in major Canadian metropolitan areas, a lot of families and individuals move to a new place for better affordability,” says Immigration News Canada.

And the two southern Alberta communities are among them.

Lethbridge is described as “budget-friendly living in the Rockies’ shadow.” The website says Lethbridge “provides an affordable alternative in Alberta. With a lower cost of housing and a range of recreational opportunities, Lethbridge offers budget-friendly living in a picturesque setting.”

Medicine Hat is described as “affordable living in the Prairies,” with the website saying it offers “budget-friendly living against a backdrop of wide-open spaces. With a lower cost of living and a range of amenities, Medicine Hat is an attraction destination in Alberta,” says Immigration News Canada.

Red Deer is referred to as “a budget-friendly oasis in Alberta. Affordable housing and a thriving community make Red Deer an attractive city for those seeking affordability.”

Lethbridge mayor Blaine Hyggen told The Herald “I’m very pleased to hear that Lethbridge ranks as one of the top 20 most affordable cities in Canada. The survey stated Lethbridge offers budget friendly living in a picturesque setting and I couldn’t agree more.”

Only one other city west of Thunder Bay, Ont. made the list – Kamloops, B.C.

One Alberta city made the website’s list of 10 most expensive cities in Canada – Calgary which sits at No. 7. Vancouver tops that list, followed by Toronto and Victoria, B.C.

Source : Lethbridge Hearld