Poland – Albania in Consultation on the EU Accession Path and Kosovo


Poland supports Albania’s path towards EU membership, according to President Andrej Duda who was in Tirana on Thursday to meet his Albanian counterpart Bairam Begai. The latter asked Duda to support Kosovo’s accession to NATO.

After the meeting with Begai, Duda addressed a press conference, outlining his country’s priorities for when he takes over the EU presidency in the first half of 2025.

“Once again, I clearly and unambiguously stated Polish support for Albania’s efforts to join the European Union,” Duda said, adding that when his country is at the helm of the EU, “we will have a second priority, accession in the EU of Ukraine and the countries of the Western Balkans, including Albania”.

He also asked Albania to support efforts to strengthen NATO’s presence on its eastern side, adding: “This is the most dangerous region in the world, where potential aggression is possible, especially with what is happening in Ukraine and attitude of Russia”.

Duda thanked Albania for its support to Ukraine and the country’s clear policy against Russian aggression.

It is an “absurd aggression that affects all international authorities and must now be ended, with the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory. The territory of Ukraine must be returned in full. This should be the end of this war,” he declared.

Begai expressed his gratitude for the friendly political relations between the two countries and asked for Poland’s support “in case of Kosovo joining NATO”. He suggested that July’s NATO summit in Vilnius would be a good opportunity to support Kosovo’s ambitions.

“With the last official visit of a Polish president to our country 20 years ago, it is our honor to host them and strengthen the bond between our nations,” said Begai.

He also thanked Poland for its support in Albania’s path to the EU and added that his country stands unequivocally in defense of Ukraine and its independence.

Source: euractiv