The Government of Canada Invests in HVAC and Lighting Upgrades at Carnegie Building


A joint investment of more than $384,000 will support retrofits to the Carnegie Building in Saint John. Announced by MP Wayne Long and Mayor Donna Reardon, this project will greatly help to reduce the facility’s carbon footprint.

This investment will help improve the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system as well as implement the most efficient LED lighting throughout Carnegie Building, creating important energy savings to a cultural landmark of the city. These improvements are expected to reduce the facility’s energy consumption by an estimated 56.9% and greenhouse gas emissions by 43.8 tonnes annually.

This historic building, constructed in 1904, is home to the Saint John Arts Centre, an important gathering place for artists on the East Coast. Once the updates are completed, the community will be able to continue to enjoy this important cultural space with its new energy efficient and environmentally friendly features.

By investing in infrastructure, the Government of Canada is growing our country’s economy, building resilient communities, and improving the lives of Canadians.

Source : Saint Jhon