These famous frozen food brands are leaving Canada


On Wednesday, February 1, Nestlé Canada, announced the wind-down and exit of its Frozen Meals & Pizza business over the next six months in Canada.  

Delissio, Stouffer’s, Lean Cuisine, and Life Cuisine are the products that are going to be disappearing. 

This company said the decision is driven by the company’s strategy to focus on categories that support long-term business growth and allow for reinvestment in portfolio lines. This includes Confectionery, Coffee and Beverages, Ice Cream, Infant Foods and Supplements, Health Science products, Foodservice, Premium Waters and Pet Food.

“This decision enables us to further invest in priority categories. We remain open to enhancing our portfolio where it makes sense for our business,” said John Carmichael, President and CEO, of Nestlé Canada. “We look forward to continuing to offer Canadians great Nestlé products now, and in the future.”  

Nestlé Canada does not have a factory in Canada, that manufactures any of its Frozen Meals or Pizza products, hence the company will work with its retail partners to facilitate the exit of the affected products.  

Source Discover Airdrie