US Intelligence Report Suggests Decreased Presence of Terror Groups in Afghanistan


KABUL (BNA): A new intelligence report from the United States suggests that the revival of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan is “unlikely” and that counter-terrorism measures by the Islamic Emirate have weakened the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan.

According to CNN, two senior American officials, who have not been named, stated that recent evaluations present an optimistic picture of the absence of terrorists in Afghanistan, despite the American military withdrawal from the country.

This report contradicts the concerns of some countries and analysts who believed that the return of the Islamic Emirate to power in Afghanistan would result in the emergence of terrorist organizations in the country.

Regarding the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan, CNN quoted an American official as saying, “ISIS-Khorasan is a threat that we are certainly worried about, but they represent a completely different threat than what we have in our intelligence. ISIS-Khorasan has come under increasing pressure from the Islamic Emirate and many of its leaders have fled from Afghanistan in recent months.”

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate emphasizes that there is no place for terrorists in Afghanistan. However, some countries and organizations continue to magnify problems in Afghanistan and present a negative image of the country to the world.

It’s worth noting that the US President Joe Biden has also spoken about Islamic Emirate’s continues fighting in eliminating extremist groups in Afghanistan.