Where They’re Headed: New Data Reveals Illegal Immigrants’ Top Destinations


New York may be complaining the loudest about the influx of illegal immigrants, but government data shows the migrants from the Biden border surge are reaching every corner of the country and straining communities’ ability to accommodate them.

The numbers are so overwhelming that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement hasn’t been able to start deportation proceedings in about half of the cases, according to data provided to a federal court tracking roughly 2,500 migrants caught and released over a few days in May.

One hundred of the migrants failed to check in with ICE altogether, the government said. They are now in violation of their parole, but the Homeland Security Department did not say what will happen to them.

The data gives an unprecedented look at a cross-section of the migrants arriving at the border and the government’s struggles to handle them.

Roughly 18% of the new arrivals, about 1 in 6, headed for New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley. Another 30% went to the Chicago, Boston, Miami and San Francisco regions. Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, New Orleans and the District of Columbia also ranked as top destinations.

Source : Washington Time